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To write what you really want to say... can be difficult, even for the experts... I can help you !
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shankar pandiath

Content Marketing and Freelance Content Writing Services...

To write what you really want to say… can be difficult, even for the experts.

Most times, it is safer to give it to someone who knows. In fact, just imagine that the message will still be yours... only that proper content marketing will make it sound better. Besides, getting the right SEO will only help them achieve the necessary results... thereby enhancing the value.

Have you ever felt that your content sucks? Or worked on some content marketing strategy, only to have it under-perform or not get the required online reach?

Well... I can help you.

My name is Shankar Pandiath [a.k.a Shanks], and I offer Freelance Content Marketing and SEO services through Marketing Affiliater… I have a wide range of writing experience across MULTIPLE VERTICALS.

I’m passionate about content marketing and SEO… and can offer you high-quality content... that readers and search engines will love...

It is through Marketing Affiliater, that I get my hands dirty… and let you in on what's hype and what works in the real world.

I am based in Thrissur, Kerala, India…and you can reach me via Skype [ comic301 ] or by e-mail/ cell.

Marketing Affiliater can write/ edit your content, and provide that style and extra sizzle to your written pieces.

I also cover copywriting, proofreading, editing, and content marketing strategies to support your businesses… especially to those who do not have in-house writing staff… and need to outsource writing project overflows, to an alternate writing source.

My range of services include articles, blog posts, features, breaking news… press releases, reviews, technical posts, research posts… website content… copywriting, content marketing, SEO...and more..

The subject areas that I usually write about are, online and internet marketing… content marketing, digital marketing, SEO and SMM (social media marketing)… technology… health & wellness… gadgets, movies, books, and new product reviews… and business and finance sectors…. In short, I enjoy web research and can write on most subjects that my client wants.

I also provide ghost writing services for a specific fee.

You can also read some of my online clips at the below links….
Should you require any specific samples, please contact me and I shall mail them to you...Feel free to contact me at (91)-99470-14938, or via OR to discuss how I can help you.

Believe me!   Words really sell !

In the internet marketing world… content is king. Internet marketing companies need great content to run a successful business…. That’s why they hire content marketers and SEO writers like me.

Estimates on freelance writing or editing projects will be provided… after I have a rough idea about your project… as there are so many variables involved. No matter what your budget is… I cam sure that I can help you with your content writing and content marketing strategies.

If you want a freelance writer, or an SEO or a content marketer, for your next project… please CONTACT ME so that we can work out a plan on how I can help your business.

Shankar Pandiath

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